The Leading Conversational AI Platform for Healthcare

At Outbound AI we build technology that drives human productivity while improving the daily experience for healthcare workers.


Our platform and partner approach leverages the existing networks and relationships of today’s healthcare service providers, solution builders and application vendors in order to deliver value faster to as many healthcare workers as possible.

We build on existing technologies like RPA, data interoperability and cloud infrastructure to deliver a scalable and cost-effective means of putting your current investments to work in more meaningful, extensible ways.

A fully-managed library of intelligent healthcare content and connectors and a compliance-based rest API ensures that our fully-extensible platform and solutions can be quickly integrated into any environment.

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Built For Healthcare


Trusted Conversations

Outbound AI’s enterprise-class Conversation AI Cloud is powered by a unique, real-time inference engine.

Our patent-pending Poly-ASR/NLU approach unlocks unprecedented levels of accuracy, transparency and trust.

Every conversation and its analysis and every real-time probabilistic decision is logged and fully auditable.


Human-Agent Teaming

Our specialized virtual agents are trained and operationalized to perform within the typical workflows and activities of healthcare job functions.

They communicate in the languages that humans understand and coordinate with healthcare staff and managers through innovative software services, multiplying human productivity while materially improving the work experience.


Proactive, Intelligent Communications

Outbound AI’s virtual agents are trained to several domain-specific vernaculars of healthcare.

They provide 24/7 monitoring and analyses of streaming data sets and proactively recommend actions to their human counterparts.

Our virtual agents are capable of initiating and conducting a diverse array of phone-based administrative work that humans still do today. Across every solution and use case, our system provides real-time human visibility and control.

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