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Outbound AI augments your human workforce with purpose-built solutions that streamline phone-based administrative work.

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Beginning with our Conversation AI Cloud, we provide unique capabilities brought together in one platform that includes enterprise-class conversational AI services, an integrated multi-modal communications stack, and unique human-agent teaming software. We help healthcare enterprises of all sizes begin the process of building a virtual AI workforce to complement existing staff and managers.


Outbound AI for Physician Billing

Introducing Claims Work Console, a SaaS solution powered by Outbound AI’s Conversation AI Cloud that simplifies phone-based billing work for physician practices and medical billing companies. Easily integrated into existing systems, Claims Work Console improves staff productivity while fostering a more enjoyable daily work experience.

Claims Work Console provides out-of-the-box AI-powered tools for solving tedious claims processing with major commercial and Medicare Advantage health plans, and includes a rapid-training service to quickly automate most of a provider’s payer mix.

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Outbound AI for Healthcare Enterprises

Outbound AI works with healthcare enterprises to build conversational AI solutions that scale. Our enterprise-class Conversation AI Cloud is powered by a unique set of conversational AI technologies that are integrated with a complete communications stack for executing trusted, proactive communications.

We engage with healthcare enterprises to design and operationalize customer-defined solutions that augment their human talent with AI assistance. Our unique software development services for teaming AI agents with humans unlocks unprecedented levels of trust, transparency and control for staff and supervisors.

Whether your goal is to streamline phone-based administrative work, access powerful conversational analytics, or extend conversational AI capabilities across the organization, Outbound AI’s platform can smartly accelerate your path to AI adoption.

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Outbound AI for Solution Partners

Healthcare solution partners serving providers and payers leverage our conversational AI expertise and extensible platform built for healthcare to develop new custom solutions, enhance existing applications, or extend services with novel conversational AI capabilities. We help solution partners provide customers with a robust Conversation AI Cloud that delivers trust and transparency for staff, managers and executive sponsors.

Across every solution and use case, our platform provides real-time human visibility and control to drive trust from the beginning of a project through operational scaling. We help you put humans in the driver seat for new AI solutions.

Reach out today to learn more about how we’re helping healthcare solution partners operationalize conversational AI.

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